Friday, March 27, 2009


Camille and her sister KC were having a conversation, during the conversation KC said something to the effect (and I may not get this all perfectly right) but she said something like, "dangit", well the very "smart perceptvie" 6 year old child that Ryan is (being in the same room) said "we don't say that word KC" so the conversation continued, (you have to understand, Camille and Mike are trying to teach the children words that are appropriate to say and ways to express themselves without being....well you know.... wrong) so as the story goes words were going back and forth and KC saying words and Ryan put the kabosh on everything she said. KC: Can we say... "shoot" Ryan: "nope" KC: ______ Ryan: nope KC: _______ Ryan: nope.....
KC: well then, what can we say....and after careful considersation

Ryan: "what the hell". (very matter-of-fact)

Well you can imagine the surprise and laughter that followed from Camille and KC!

Pure innocence of a child 6 years old.


Terrie said...

That's pretty dang funny!

Kathy said...

Hi Linda! Thank you for the visit! If it's ok I will add you to my reads! Your grandchildren are beautiful! You are so blessed! It's freezing here this morning, got to get the winter coat back out!! Have a lovely day my new friend!