Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brooklyn is into the "Little Gym" and enjoys the balance beam, Bob built the girls one last Oct. when we were there, the girls are pretty good on it, fun to see maybe just maybe one of them will take after me! ( I just happen to have taken several state gymnastic medals in high school gymnastics in several competions). Balance beam and floor competion were my forte! Too bad there are no pics to actually prove that I even did anything. I guess mom and dad were not into taking pictures.

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Terrie said...

Do you still have any of your ribbons? I remember some hanging in our bedroom. No, mom and dad didnt' even have a camera that worked waaayyyyyy back then. And since we didn't have an Oma and Opa close to us when we were growing up, no chance of any pictures unless the neighbors took them. Oh well, I remember your ribbons!