Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yearly update lol

I have no idea why I opened my blog, it has been forever since I have written on it. Nothing happens to me by chance there is always a reason for when something like this happens. Maybe I just need to update my life, maybe I have something to say that will inspire someone else, maybe I am just a little daft and there is no rhythm or reason other than I accidentally opened up my blog, but here I go. I made the decision to finally retire from my job on February 14th 2018. I picked that date because it is after I turn 66 and the end of a pay period at work, and I will be able to take a weeks vacation in January (I get 80 hours a year) not a big deal because 80 hours for working 11 years in a place is kind of lame I think. I mentioned this to the CEO and have given him fair warning. If he doesn't plan for it then it is not my fault and I am not going to worry about it. I hope I don't have to leave him in the lurch, but I have a feeling he will not replace me but pile on whatever I do to another employee, and she will not do it the same way I do it. Oh well. I just know this is the right thing for me to do. Will it be a good time to quit? Will we be financially strapped, I hope not. Bob is working hard at little things that require extra cash to be done before we don't have it. I think the biggest thing for me was, we purchased a large 31 foot trailer and plan on venturing out in it, whenever the mood or weather tells us we can. We haven't been able to do that since we moved and built our St. George home. Our lives really have changed over the past 15 years. Our family grew, grandchildren were added and now a great grand-son we haven't even seen 7 months ago. I am so afraid that I am missing the best time of my life (senior years) because I feel so obligated and strapped into a job that I am actually just tired of doing. The worst part....this is the easiest job I have ever had, I have an obligation every single Tuesday, where I NEVER miss being here on a Tuesday because I have to put together a slide show to present to 80 Realtors. I believe in the 11 years I have been here I may have missed 2 maybe 3 tours. With only 4 women working in an office and 1 CEO it is really sort of bad. You get to know too much about one another and there are times when I don't like certain things that are said or feel like I am dragged into a conversation where I have to take side. It can be exhausting, maybe that is why I look forward to just leaving it all behind. I am not even sure I would have a relationship with anyone here outside of this office. My husband had a stroke a few years back and that was so scary, just the thought of loosing him and not fulfilling all of our dreams of adventure together. Oh please, we have had lots of adventures together, just being married to this man has been full of adventure, but after 48 years together we need a different kind, a RELAXING kind of adventure where we can actually stop and smell the roses adventure, camp out in the forest together, snuggle in a cozy bed together and not feet apart, just get back to our roots of how much we actually enjoy each others company together and why we love each other so much. That is what we need, or maybe that is what I need. ?? anyway, I plan on doing it in February 2018. I want to write a book of love letters and my life experiences. It may never get published, or it may. I don't know but I plan on writing it. I have an entire shoe box of letters Bob wrote to me when he was in Viet Nam. Sweet love letters. They all say the same thing, how much he loves and misses me but they are so heart felt from a soldier not knowing if he will ever be able to tell me in person or come home alive. I have many experiences in life that need to be shared beyond my personal manuscripts about the love I have for my Savior and my testimony, how it changed my life for the better how I have shared and prayed and opened the hearts of others and wept with them and counseled them during difficult times in their lives. I guess I can say that I have lived a pretty good life and had tons of blessings showered on me even in my trials when I didn't think the Lord was listening. He was always there cheering me on. He was actually in my corner the entire time, just taking a back seat and waiting for me to make the first move. Bob's latest project is this gazebo or pavilion in our back yard. It will look just like this without the bar added. It will be awesome. The structure is done, now comes all the tedious finishing touches! I am glad I opened up my blog, I hope that I do not procrastinate and not do this more often. We will be celebrating 48 years of marriage on Aug. 2nd and 2 of my grand daughter plan on being baptized. a long time coming and I will be celebrating in a very big way. God answers prayers. In His time he answers prayers. I have been patiently waiting for the day when hearts would be softened and just the right person would enter my grand daughters lives to teach them the gospel. Life is good.