Friday, April 10, 2009


I took some pics of my yard the other day. I was overwhelmed with the color of the clear blue sky and calm breeze, and as I pulled up in the drive after a days work, I couldn't believe what had transpired, OVER NIGHT! I was sure the yard didn't look like this the day before....did it?

The lilacs were in bloom, the grass was really green, rose buds were appearing on all my rose bushes, the flowering plum tree had lost most of its beautiful pink blossoms and was coming into the dark beautiful purple leaves and I was taking in the powerful smell of lilacs when I stuck my nose into the blooms! Is Spring really here? Is the cold winter actually going to go away?

Can I think about laying out in the warmth of the St. George sun that it is so famous for . . . next to the pool in my SWEET back yard????

OH...and what is this? Just a sweet reminder that someone was thinking of me...little ole me... and wishing me a great day! Aren't sisters great! Not only sisters that are siblings...but "sisters".

Can I think about putting away my LONG winter pants and pull out the capri's and jeweled flip flops that have been screaming to me??? and paint my toe nails all pretty and shiney for all the world to see???? can I huh, can I????? (sigh)

YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! well after I go to the tanning salon a few times...I wouldn't want to make a TOTAL fool of myself and blind any poor unsuspecting soul, with my lilly white BOD!