Monday, June 22, 2009

MELLOW MONDAY and some thoughts

THANKS SO MUCH for all the well wishes from all my blogger friends! Well the bug did get the best of me but I suffered through it like a big girl...sometimes you just have to do that ya know and on "Father's Day" I had a full appetite again (Phew thank goodness) and enjoyed Huhoney's delicious BBQ chicken, watermelon, SWEET corn on the cob, a yummy yummy salad, sliced zuchinni from the garden (yep folks, we are in the zuchinni!) and Brad made a delicious cake for dessert. The kids came over (when I mean kids, I mean Brad, Tera, their children Kyler and Kolytn) to swim and have dinner. It was a nice afternoon. I have a little tribute to my HUHONEY. Please bare with me on this one, he very seldom reads my blog, but I am going to ask him to this time. I was too under the covers to do this sooner and before "Father's Day". One day....I will post my Alaskan trip I promise LOL!

My Children’s Father

To be a father is not something to be taken lightly; You have never taken it lightly.
I have watched you grow as a father; From the moment you took our tiny daughter into your massive arms and tenderly snuggled her and smothered her with kisses, I knew from that moment on that you would protect her as best as you could from the harsh realities of the world and be an adoring father to her.

I watched you take our first son onto your knee and tell him stories of adventure, we wonder where in the world he got his storytelling ability and now I know the truth! I watched you with much patience, bait a worm on his first fishing pole, coach his football team, support him on his mission, and embrace him with so much pride as he became a new father.

I always smiled at the way you encouraged our third child in sports and also coached him in soccer and told him he could achieve anything in life if he put his mind to it; how true to your word it became as I watched you wrap your strong arms around him, a young man who had to learn the hard way what this world was all about and teach him how to walk again tall and upright and become strong again like he was before his accident; all these things are only a few glimpses of what you are as a father.

The ability to laugh at yourself and teach our children to do the same. The courage to stand up for what you believe is right, and teaches them to do the same. Allowing yourself to cry and teaching them to do the same. Showing them how to love . . . and not to be ashamed to do so, these are only a few attributes you have given our children as their father.

I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for giving me the privilege of having you as our children’s father. Nothing has given me more joy in this world than watching you give of your self with no restraints as a father, because that is who you are, tender, loving, forgiving, unselfish.
I love you.

Thank you for being the father of our children.