Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello everyone!

Yeah yeah I know.  I don’t want any lectures…the honest truth is, I haven’t felt like adding anything to my blog.  Kind of went into a slump of ideas.  Nothing new, just nothing basically.  I took some adorable pics of who else????? grandkids when I went up North a few weeks ago.  It was still warm outside.  Owen and Lauren were total models for me.  Lauren was hilarious…..and holy cow, I got some cute shots…..

It was hard to get anything out of Ryan.  He lets me take a picture or 2 then….when he is thinks its enough…well then it is enough.  It makes every picture  I get of Ryan that much more precious.

So bare with me….or don’t…but here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the cutest pics of the little rascals helping their mom bake cookies?  They ate globs of cookie dough…it was so good!  When ever they help Camille bake…they put their hats on.  It is great!

august mikes kids 012

august mikes kids 004

Ryan is a great egg cracker…it is his specialty when baking.




august mikes kids 010


it was hard not to just EAT the whole bowl of cookie dough!



august mikes kids 127

Here Ryan was showing me his hurry up Oma take my picture face.







august mikes kids 128

I was able to capture this adorable pic before he became bored with all my “snaps”






Owen on the other hand was totally into the posing for me!

august mikes kids 038

august mikes kids 040








august mikes kids 045

august mikes kids 042








august mikes kids 024

august mikes kids 014






Owen was pretty good at taking care of any leftovers on the mixer..

Then there came Lauren….what more can I say?

august mikes kids 061

august mikes kids 117



My little goofball……

and my little poser…. she had fun and would say “like this Oma?”




august mikes kids 068

Yeah…..just like that Lauren…..

august mikes kids 112

august mikes kids 084

august mikes kids 070








I took a ton of pics.  Normally 1 out of 10 turn out the way I like them and then I don’t have a problem putting them in frames… but not this time.  I need a bigger wall…….lol

I took some pics of the 3 that live here in town but…it was such a hot day….and I need some do-overs….aren’t you glad!

august mikes kids 047

After a LOT of posing………she was done and off she skipped to go  chase some chickens!

YESTERDAY was my DIL’s BD  Sorry this is so late putting up Camille.  Thanks so much for being our sweet daughter.  Thank you for giving us such beautiful grandies….We sure love you!

Camille told me that she got a bicycle for her birthday.  Of course the night before her birthday Mike was talking…the kids were right there and he was saying, “geesh it sure is too bad that we didn’t get you anything for your birthday” and RYAN piped up and said “yeah we did dad, we got mom a bicycle”!  Ya gotta love it.  Never…Never…Never think you can pull one over on Ryan!

Then night before last Lauren asked her mom, (sorry I don’t remember the exact words) “mommy can you ask daddy to come and lay down with me” (this is at bedtime, Mike sometimes lays down with the kids) and then she said: “and if he says no, just ask him again, and if he says no again, just ask him again”.  I can just see her saying it as a matter of fact and shrugging her shoulders…. lol…OK would YOU SAY NO TO THAT?  just sayin……

Hope you are all having a wonderful week….I know I am…..