Friday, March 11, 2011

It is happening…

It is happening all around me.  Blossoms, buds, finally the sunshine FINALLY! 

I don’t know if Hunny Bunny is related to Lucinda…could be (hehehe) you know how everyone is related somehow somewhere, but Hunny Bunny has been at it again.  Hiding those delicious wonderful Cadbury Carmel Chocolate EGGS throughout the house. 

It happens as soon as the stores decide to put out the Easter candy, you know, before Valentines is over…the shelves start doing there transformation before you even get use to the idea that Christmas was just over with before you even put the turkey on the table for Thanksgiving!  Anyway, I always have a good time, putting out the eggs….I mean Hunny Bunny has fun putting out the eggs. DSCN7720 I have to be careful and not do a lot all at once because my honey has a good sniffer…he can sniff those eggs out LOL and every once in a while….he forgets a place they might have been hidden in the year before…Nah, they are always found…except last night, I couldn’t believe that this one was not spotted for over a week. march2011 023 I felt sorry for him cause he just had a hankerin for a chocolate caramel egg, told me he hadn’t had one in a day or so and wondered if Hunny Bunny had forgotten about him…so, I actually gave in….and had to POINT IT OUT!  OH DEAR……how obvious was this one?  Do you see it, the golden egg just sitting beneath the lamp shade?  I need to get more creative I guess. LOL  I am not done…I have until EASTER to keep a stash always on hand, and then he will be CUT OFF for another year because these only are sold once a year. LOL

This made me smile, my sweet Ryan got off the school bus (it drops him off right in front of his house, he still had his back pack on!) and my son Mike had a kite….ready to go!  Ryan was thrilled…..the condor landed on the roof once but eventually soared, along with his little sweet spirit!

Camille my DIL made another beautiful cake, this time for a friends little girls BD party.  She is incredible and so amazingly talented!camilles cake

this time last year we already had started planting in our garden.  I know because I took pictures of it.  Not this year.  I think we will wait another month.  I just don’t trust the weatherman just yet.  We have had so much rain the dirt is still pretty heavy and muddy.  Not to mention that Huh-honey is working hard on another project he started….”the wall”.  It really will be nice when it is finished.  There is still a lot of work to be done.  He is pouring “the wall” a little at a time.  Then there will come the dirt.  Not just any dirt.  He will find some really nice dirt, then put it through is home made sifter, to make sure there are not any large rocks in it, then add his own little secret ingredients to the dirt to make it just right for planting and producing beautiful plants and foliage…..

when the wall is poured and the dirt is in, and the plants planted he will finish the outside by adding some nice stone.  It will be beautiful and will make that ugly plain boring red brick wall so much nicer to look at by the pool.  We did not put this red brick wall in…the builders of the planned community put the walls in all around to divide the lots….they did a very poor job….not one wall has rebar or cement in them to stabilize them, they are just shallow empty bricks, pretty scary for such a big wall…it is hard to find good quality workmanship now a days….or that the builder got away with it (probably not inspected).

march2011 019

I snuck up on Mr. H when he was done for the day and he was just “thinking”.  I love to catch him when he is just “thinking”.  He usually has a smile on his face…I know how hard he works around our home to make it beautiful.  He always puts in a good days work whatever he does…he should be satisfied, he deserves to smile.  He makes me smile……

Know that is why Hunny Bunny puts those delicious caramel chocolate eggs around for him to find…..