Friday, October 29, 2010

“Big Boy” Erector Sets

I know that you know what I am talking about.   (hopefully) It was the rage when I was just a little girl, my brother’s just had to have them!  I just didn’t get it back then…..thought they were stupid….thought it was a waste of time….and knew it was just  a matter of time before pieces were all over the house and my mother would go crazy and throw them away, or they would get built and just sit on my brother’s shelves and look really dumb, never to be torn apart and erected into anything other than the first piece because there were SOOOO MANY PIECES.  UNTIL…..I became fascinated recently with the “big boys” version.  Like I am with fences popping out of NO WHERE and EVERYWHERE, miles and miles of them!  You will see what I mean….be patient with me for just a few minutes ok…..

To me….it is amazing to say the least….

the “old” ERECTOR SETS

erector set

My version as seen through my eyes


October 2010 066

October 2010 062 A

October 2010 072 B

needless to say, I was obsessed with this!   silly I know! but that is who I am…an obsessed woman who is amazed with how these get here…just think about it…have you ever seen one put into place or established?  NOPE I bet you haven’t.  They just pop up over night…by weird aliens…probably.  Huh-Honey said he has witnessed them being erected, by helicopter.  WHAT? NO way a helicopter can lift that….”OH YES THEY CAN” he says.  The WHOLE dang thing all at once..PHEW!  I would love to see that!

October 2010 079


even a telephone pole is exciting to me…

and I can’t tell you how a stupid fence makes me feel!  Just the lines are exciting….but I didn’t take pics of any fences this trip.




October 2010 080



even this drew me in…








October 2010 078

and the back road we travelled home on.  OH the wonderful things I saw and didn’t take pics of….hopefully next trip!

October 2010 077 C

I definitely need a new lens so that I can take closer pictures…I love the windmills they are like giant aliens from outer space.

halloweenn pies 

Have a wonderful fun filled Halloween, and in case you are wondering how pumpkin pies are made in restaurants…

Happy Ending..

Hugs and warm smiles across the many miles to you all!