Thursday, February 25, 2016

WARNING! be careful, be very very careful. You don't know what kind of a day someone else is having. As I was leaving the Bloomington Wal-Mart parking lot a man pulled out of the stall as I was going up the isle, I tooted my horn to make him aware I was driving through and to STOP him from hitting my car, I swerved around him and then the verbal obscenities began, I don't think I have ever heard such horrible language my ears were ringing I just drove on and he pulled up behind me inches from my bumper...I pulled away and could still hear him screaming at me, SCREAMING, he was out of control and insane, the third try to pull away only brought him inches again from my bumper, I was shaking! he was too close for me to get a good look at his license plate or a look at his face through my rear view mirror, so I grabbed my phone and shouted through my 6 inches of opened window shaking my phone that I was calling the police and he better back off! Still SCREAMING at me he decided to race through the parking lot and down another street so that I could not get his license. I didn't want to follow, that would have been a really stupid thing to do. I think he was having a very bad day! I was still shaking when I got back to my office, but I have having a really good day knowing I was not accosted or shot in the WalMart parking lot! Today is a good day for being alive....Thank You LORD! I just hope he doesn't go home and take it out on an innocent.