Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The grandkids were up for the weekend. Need I say more! Ryan and Kyler were both born on St. Patricks day and I decided to have a little cake and ice cream for them and give them a BD present.

The weather was so beautiful, the kids played at the park (hard) and played at was a busy weekend, the little ones keep me on my toes all right! I even got to sleep with them! Let me tell you a Queen Size bed is NOT big enough for an Oma, a snuggle bug (Owen) and a torando (Lauren aka Lalee)! But I managed and was a sucker the 2nd night too!

Lauren dresses like a princess every day...she loves her tutu's. She even had to wear a tutu over her pj's to sleep in. Here are a few pics of what keeps me going and makes me smile!

there is nothing in the world better than this!

Even feeding ducks is an adventure and something the kids look forward to every time they come.

The ducks love it too! Lauren usually feeds herself...

Because Papa doesn't have the pool opened (still a little too cold) the sprinklers seemed to make them happy....they did the sprinkler chase....started in the back yard for 5 minutes,

then the side yard for 5 minutes,

then the front yard.
They thought that was pretty cool. (and it was cool!) just strip them down and let them RUN like the wind!

Lauren always looks so dang cute....Camille creates the cutest hairdos!

so after all is said and done and the visit has come to an end, the packing up and loading of the van, kids in car, and Bob and I were sitting on the couch, side by side, there was a stillness in the room. No running, no jumping, no climbing on our laps, asking for a baba, no spontaneous hugs and kisses from Owen telling me how much he misses me and loves me, we both burst out in laughter and Bob shakes his head, they are never really sometime during their stay....a sock was pulled from a foot, heaved into the air...and landed........only to be noticed when we were smiling back on the visit.......