Friday, May 8, 2009

Dimise in the Desert!

I live in the desert. I love the heat. I use to live in the Nothern part of Utah where we claim to have the "greatest snow on earth", because we had the winter Olympics here and it says so on our license plates....

So unlike the plates here in Southern Utah...

When God was planning the different pieces of his puzzel and created all the glorious parts of it here on the planet he made the most incredible galleries of hills and sand and red cliffs your eyes will ever feast upon. It is real. It is just like a post card here, and I have taken lots of pictures that look like post cards.

Moving to the desert was a HUGE decision. I love the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.

I am sure that where ever you are living there is God's beauty all around you.

I cannot look out my back window of my home and see my daughter can in North Carolina.

But I can go 5 minutes from my home and look upon a beautiful quaint town in the most southern part of Utah. St. George.

So you are probably wondering what does this have to do with my title today?

Unfortunately the desert proves to be.....a little hot at times. Today it proved to be 85 degrees at 3:00 pm. Tomorrow in the 90's. ummm it will feel so good to sit next to the pool and dip into a bath of cool water tomorrow!

But...for some proved to be even too much for them. The poor critters got cooked on the top of my swimming pool when it was covered and couldn't find there way up the slope. They are now "crispy critters" totally petrified! Bob found them yesterday. They met there unfortunate dimise not in the beautiful sands or under a rock, it was met where we invaded their home. (sigh)
Lying on Bob's Petro glyph

Critter in hand, baby frog...

belly up!

[di-mahyz] noun, verb, -mised, -mis⋅ing.
–noun 1. Death or decease. 2. termination of existence or operation

My grandsons are going to LOVE these and will have to take them to school for 'show and tell'!