Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lollipop’s dance recital

I know, you may want to skip over this post but I have to do it, just have to do it because one day….my children will thank me, maybe not today….because they don’t realize how much this means to me…but some day they will.

may Lauren dance recital 003Lauren is precious….and she didn’t complain at all while her mommy pinned and sprayed and curled her blonde locks for her recital….



may Lauren dance recital 002

may Lauren dance recital 006Owen had a bug, mommy thought it was food poisoning from some Wal-Mart chicken…it lasted 24 hours…and it was a really bad pukey kind of bug…

may Lauren dance recital 004

Big brother Ryan was his ole self, hanging out on the computer…he loves the computer….his very own computer and could stay there for hours on end if you let him.


may Lauren dance recital 014



outside the high school auditorium we got silly girl with her mommy.




may Lauren dance recital 024


other dancers were practicing in the hallway of the auditorium…



may Lauren dance recital 027


back stage was filled with anticipation…(Lauren 2nd from left,  top row)



may Lauren dance recital 030


much was going on back stage…everyone was ready and awaiting their cue and the beginning of the program.


may Lauren dance recital 038

may Lauren dance recital 037








I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures….all for posterity ya know and of course my book I am putting my posts into…

may Lauren dance recital 068 It’s a big deal this dance recital…the community comes together and the high schools stage becomes a showcase for all the youth to display their talents. 

may Lauren dance recital 076 Our little lollipop Lauren 2nd from the left…..4th from the left in the picture below….she is staring at her teacher…although she knew the steps LOL

may Lauren dance recital 046 Don’t we all like a little encouragement once in a while especially when we are on display in front of a lot of people we don’t know?

may Lauren dance recital 080

2nd from left, she shook her maraca's and left me wanting to see more! My heart was exploding and I was such a proud “Oma” of such a precious 3 yr old!


may Lauren dance recital 095

The finale was so fun.  Many of the daddy’s joined their little dancers on stage for a fun little Hawaiian dance.  They were all such good hams about it and shook their booties!

may Lauren dance recital 098

I forgot to ask my son why he wasn’t in this one…maybe he didn’t have a Hawaiian shirt LOL.

may Lauren dance recital 109

thank goodness Owen started feeling better by late Saturday afternoon.  There were some surprises outside.  Baby bunnies were born a couple of days before…


baby rabbits 2

they were so tiny and didn’t have any hair on them yet.  Black, White, Tan and White, several different bunnies. 



baby rabbits 4


But I think there are about 12 altogether from 2 mama bunnies and one papa.  It doesn’t take much I am told….hehehe


back yard 2

Huhoney has been very busy up at the Higgins Almosta Ranch, old barn wood was added to the chicken coop and Camille added her touch of cut out wooden flowers, the BBQ pit area was cleared and was almost  ready for the pad of cement that would be poured this week.  It is a big job.  Huhoney can’t do it alone anymore.  Not  this much cement anyway.

back yard 3

while he was there 2 weeks ago the playground was moved and made ready for the children.  New ground cover will be put under it to soften the area instead of lawn.  It makes mowing much easier.

back yard 4

The trampoline was moved and dug into the ground…the lawn removed from the playground was put under the trampoline.  A slide will allow the “Little Rascals” to slide under the tramp into a secret play area they call the cave.  They love it!  But my ? is…do you mow the lawn in the cave or just let it grow out of control???

It was a very short quick trip but always worth it.  When my daughter comes for a visit next month we will spend more time up North.  The kids love going to Mikes Almosta Ranch.  Wide open spaces just doesn’t compare to my crowded community where you can hear your neighbor sneeze.  EVEN though I have a pool.  There is just something about a little farm and children….

Huhoney is tired.  Very tired.  He works very hard even for his children to help them out whenever he can.  He will be home tomorrow for some much needed R&R.  Hmm probably not…because he will be busy making our home looking tip top and beautiful too.  I just don’t fit into Mr. Green Jeans pants!  My watering skills are just not the same LOL. Saturday is my Mikies BD.  I can’t believe my son will be 37.

The End.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything has a purpose…

I haven’t figured out what the purpose is yet of the doves.  At first I thought … oh isn’t the sound of the doves nice, it is so …so …cooooing and so cooooing……….well now I am not so sure I am a fan of the cooooing, especially when you are in bed, late at night or early in the morning and these lovely……….and I say that with sigh, lovely little doves decide to coo at each other.

april 2010 # 031

They have made a nice little nest across the street in our neighbors eves of their house, I guess they don’t mind their cooing.  But lately…I have gotten a little tired of it.  Am I a bad person?

Just go coo some where else will ya!  I want to sleep in once in a while!

april 2010 # 030

Huhoney actually laughed at me and asked me if I wanted to eat them…he said “don’t you remember when I would go DOVE hunting and bring home DOVES and you would bake them!  WHAT?? I baked these birds and we ate them????  I did not!  I can’t believe I did that……well maybe I can….it must have been in my other life….when I had boxed wine in my fridge…..that had a spout…and I drank it…

april 2010 # 038

so for now….I just shoo them off of my roof and chase them up the street so they land on the neighbors roof and coooooo their little hearts out over there!


And NO…..I am not going to eat them!

I am off for the weekend to visit the “little rascals” feb 2010 misc 014 and watch our sweet Lauren in her first dance recital…this should be fun…. lol have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I had an idea….

For a long time I have wanted to do something different in my office.  I wanted it to look more like a cozy place to go and turn on a light and pull a book off the shelf to curl up with and read for a while, instead of reading in bed.  Ever since I had Huhoney build shadow boxes for my family pics april 2010 # 136 I came up with an idea for the same thing but on a much bigger scale.  Getting rid of the traditional book case, (which will serve nicely in the guest bedroom) and do something different.  I love it….just love it!  The room isn’t quite finished, Huhoney will be making a few more of these beautiful boxes to go above the doors, I have lots of books to fill them.

april 2010 # 114

It started out with bead board…




april 2010 # 116


then painting the bead board in different colors to give the shadow boxes some depth and shade


april 2010 # 113


  here are the boxes, nicely cut mitered and heavy duty.  Stained the same color as all the doors and casings in the house….


april 2010 # 109


each box was secured to the back of the shadow boxes.  These boxes are very heavy so they also needed to be screwed together onto the wall.

april 2010 # 122


I had the bead board angled differently on each shadow box…



april 2010 # 129


before the project began there was a very plain wall, I just never found the right picture to hang in there.





april 2010 # 144


The kitchen table served as a temporary place to stack some of my books.



april 2010 # 141


I can’t believe how much work was involved…just for little ole me and my crazy ideas!  But I think Huhoney was having a good time…he loves to build things…he is so good at it..after all he built our house with his own 2 hands!  He is very handy to have around hehehehe.

april 2010 # 131

I don’t think there is much I can do with my desk so it will just have to remain where it is..



april 2010 # 147

don’t you just love the colors!  These are 9 ft ceilings in this room, so I had plenty of space to do a little extra with the top…oh Huhoney let’s add…….


april 2010 # 176


a shelf above the book cases.  “OK” no problem! Don’t you just love how the books are displayed in a non-traditional way!


april 2010 # 182


I happened across this table at an estate sale.  It was $50 and I thought I got it for a good price.  It was in perfect shape and had a place for all my snow globes.  I turned the door opening to the back so that the little ones won’t get into it….just a precaution!  I am looking for just the right lamp…I don’t  like this one…


 april 2010 # 128before and after……..

april 2010 # 181



oh BTW every door and trim in this house was stained with my little ole hands!  It took me a month!


april 2010 # 153

this is looking into the family room, just right of the new wall.  Shadow boxes will go above this area too…I will need a ladder for this one! hehe, Huhoney actually said, I think I can come up with something….I can’t wait to see!

Thank you Huhoney for making our home so beautiful, I know it is a lot of work and you do it because you love me…..

I love you too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Phone books that is?  I was outside watering some flowers while Huhoney is away and up the street they came.  The “phone book” delivery people.  Teenage boys in the back of the pick-up, mom was driving. AHHHHHH the dreaded phone books! NOT AGAIN was going through my tiny brain and I started to shake my head and very softly talking under my breath, “I don’t need another phone book”, so…..the teenage boy threw one out onto my drive-way.  I watched as they drove up the street continuing their quest in delivering phone books to the other homes in the neighborhood.  I don’t know about your area, but here, in this little town of St. George we have a lot of phone books.  I have NO IDEA why we do or what purpose they serve other than competition for each other! april 2010 # 2 001 Who uses phone books?  Then I saw the truck driving backwards down the street, the mother climbs out of the truck and came up to me and picks up the phone book and says, “my sons and I are having a little discrepancy on weather or not you really want this phone book, you see I saw you shake your head but my son didn’t so he left you a book.  I just smiled and said….”well is this a worth while bet?  will someone benefit with dinner out or a $5 bill LOL?  The mother said, “well no, we just wanted to settle this so that I can say I was right….” LOL and I said “well in that case, you are both right, I shook my head because I don’t need another book, I already have several but I was not passing up a book if it is more current, even though I rarely use it….”  She laughed.  Then handed me the book.april 2010 # 2 002

I should have handed it back.  It is a good thing we have a special drawer in the kitchen JUST FOR PHONE BOOKS! and a few other things.


april 2010 # 2 005

What a waste of trees……but then again, it is a source of jobs for people.  I guess a double edge sword you would say.  I use the internet for all my “looking up needs” anymore…how about you?  How many phone books do you have?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Meaning of Life...and Motherhood

I have been following this beautiful woman’s blog for several months now. She is faithful, spiritual, and a beautiful woman.

She is a mother and that is all that matters to her right now.

I want my children to know…that I value my motherhood. I cherish every moment I have with my children. I will never take you for granted. I thank God every day that you are in my life. My stewardship here on this earth did not end when you became adults and left our home. I still have the need to look over you. You all have blessed my life so completely. I am grateful this Mother’s Day for being your mother. With all my love….mom

To my village friends...

Please enjoy this beautiful message. If you feel the desire please click on NieNie’s blog. She has a button on my side bar.

Happy Mother’s Day. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe.

Love Linda

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Kite flying is an art.  Believe me when I say this because, not just anyone can fly a kite.  It takes a certain wind current…and you have to know when the right current is currenting……(not a word I know) LOL.april 2010 # 201

At the end of this pole in the air 1250 feet up is a kite.  A $6 kite from Wal-Mart.  The best cheapest investment EVER!


april 2010 # 213



the white line is the 250 feet that came with the kite….


april 2010 # 217

after the 250 ft. comes the secret….1000 ft of fishing line…which is part of a FISHING POLE! Not included in the purchase of the kite of course…


april 2010 # 194


and when there is NO MORE LINE….. there is just blue sky, and some where up there a kite..



april 2010 # 199

click on this pic to see the yellow fishing line and then at the end of it a teeny tiny kite…..

april 2010 # 197


this baby will quickly disappear before your very eyes…

Kite flying is an art….


april 2010 # 214

and watching Huhoney fly one makes me smile…





april 2010 # 211

Even when it comes to an end…




so is growing beautiful roses…. and Mr. Green Jeans AKA “Huhoney” can do that too….

april 2010 # 127


Batch # 1




april 2010 # 072

Playing with my camera… shooting inside at night… oh did I tell you that I had to buy a learn how to use my camera…it is called “How to use your Nikon D3000 for Dummies”…. really lol.

april 2010 # 237


Batch # 2 of roses…oh these are my favorite I think…



april 2010 # 240



look at this perfect rose



april 2010 # 160


2nd bounty of radishes from the garden…

sooo delicious…



april 2010 # 101


the morning sun streaming into the house on a quiet Saturday morning…


april 2010 # 100


making me smile when I look at my beautiful roses…



april 2010 # 093

april 2010 # 094


and capture different shadows through-out the house…



april 2010 # 095even my fake basket of fruit looked pretty cool…

april 2010 # 106and a crisp quiet beautiful shadowy back yard made me take in a deep breath to start a beautiful day…

I have lots more to share…from just last week…but I will save it for another day…Huhoney is busy helping oldest son with projects…wait until you see the project he started for me…it is awesome!  and oh by the way….yes that perfect beautiful rose on my header picture……yep….I took that picture with my handy dandy very complicated camera that I had to read the book for dummies on….LOL, I am still reading……