Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Sunday

Sunday was a special day for the Higgins family.  Our sweet precious new arrival (well sort of new arrival) Kinlee Linn Higgins was blessed by her father in our Sunday sacrament meeting.  You see in our church, worthy priesthood holders are invited to gather around an infant and in this circle they place hands upon each others shoulders and one under the baby.  The father (my son) a worthy priesthood holder pronounces a blessing upon his child and gives her a name which she will known as throughout her life here on this earth.  It is a very sweet and special time for a father and also those who come together in celebration of the birth of a new child.  April 10 105Brad, (my son) did a wonderful job in his blessing of his daughter.  It was emotional.  He is a kind man.  A good father, and a good husband.  I am proud of him.  I love him.  He was once my baby.  Even with my wonderful camera I could not capture the love and emotion through a picture.  

April 10 053 


this little stinker would not wake up so that I could take her picture!  I will have to go back and take other pics.  It will make her mad to have to get dressed up again LOL.  I just could not get the lighting right, no flash, then I used the flash then no overhead lighting then overhead lighting, shadows everywhere!  I just couldn’t get it right.  But…in the end, it didn’t matter.  She is beautiful in any kind of light!April 10 051

Look at those cubba wabba chunky monkey cheeks!  I could kiss them all day long!



April 10 094



AHHHH she does wake up….. only to eat again!  Sleep and eat….sleep and eat….that is all this baby wants to do!  Can you tell she is a healthy baby!




April 10 020


Saturday the day before her blessing day she anticipated having so many people want to smooch those adorable cheeks…..


April 10 027


Once in a while I could capture a teeny tiny little smirk…before…



April 10 030




April 10 032



AHHHHH thank you mama….


Once again, thank you Brad and Tera for such a beautiful grand baby girl to spoil and show off and take millions of pictures of so that I can make my blogger friends crazy!

love and hugs….mom