Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother's. It is a very much talked about subject. I wrote a poem 4 years ago for my children. It was celebrating my motherhood and I thought I would add it today just to say thanks once again to my children, who have given me the priviledge of being their mother. I feel blessed as a mother that they choose me.

“When I became a Mother”

When I became a mother, I had no idea what it would be like;
I prayed for knowledge and guidance in hopes I would do everything right.

I knew that from the beginning when I held my first born in my arms,
that God blessed me with an angel to nurture and protect from harm.

I may not have been perfect in all the years that were to follow and not once or twice but three times I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams and humbled to becoming by simple means “A Mother”.

My first, a delicate baby girl, with sky blue eyes and golden curls, a child who could always get her way with a hug and a kiss and no tears cry, the apple of her daddy’s eyes, a toddler who could do no wrong, according to grandparents of course, who in her adolescent years was like a free spirit! Who grew into a beauty, both inside and out, I watched her grow to let her go and become a mother twice, I had no doubt that all I was blessed with in a mother’s way would come full circle like the beginning of a new day.

My second another dream come true, my baby boy so sweet was he, I told him stories upon my knee, with which he listened too so carefully,
his arms he planted around my neck with hugs and kisses and comfort he would always be my silent rock of Gibraltar. And as the years flew by he grew into so special a young man, with love in his heart and a book in his hand he went off into a distant land to share his light with all he knew,
how proud I was to tell anyone who would listen that he was my son,
what more could a mother ask for.

My third and my last born came into my world, to challenge me and remind me that each day I look upon him, how blessed I really am, to be a simple mother in God’s glorious plan. His will and determination in his quest to conquer life, has taught me as a mother to cherish every day with him because each lesson learned was hard to earn but the rewards are here to stay.

No, nothing can take away the joy of being the mom of my girl and two boys! There is nothing I could ask for in and of this world that is more satisfying and rewarding than being who I am, no blessing greater no gift worth more than the title of “Mother”.

The memories my children give to me grow as the years go by, the older I get the bigger the sigh. How blessed I am to have them and know that they will always be a part of me, eternally. LH May 05

NOT LAST OR LEAST I want to acknowledge my beautiful "other daughters"

Camille,(Mikes wife) who is so beautiful inside and out. Who has faced challenges of her own and has blessed me with 3 adorable grandchildren! Camille you are such a joy to have around and you always make me smile. You always have kind words to speak of everyone and I feel so blessed to have you in my life!

(Brad's wife) I can see how much you have grown into your motherhood. How you love your little boys and it makes me happy to know you are a part of this crazy family! How blessed I feel to have you share yourself with me.

As I mentioned earlier, we did eat our tasty Rainbow Trout. Bob once again did an awesome job preparing it for our little dinner. And of course, just the two of us had MORE than we could eat....I just don't know how to cook for 2 anymore. I always make meals as if all the kids were around to eat them with us.....(wishful thinking).

We enjoyed yummy scones with butter and honey, some (leftover) potatoe salad, watermelon, more food than we really needed. We topped the evening off with a great bicycle ride through the neighborhood, about 4 miles. Burn baby burn! and caught up on some recorded tv programs. All in all . . . a quiet "Mothers Day".