Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Phone books that is?  I was outside watering some flowers while Huhoney is away and up the street they came.  The “phone book” delivery people.  Teenage boys in the back of the pick-up, mom was driving. AHHHHHH the dreaded phone books! NOT AGAIN was going through my tiny brain and I started to shake my head and very softly talking under my breath, “I don’t need another phone book”, so…..the teenage boy threw one out onto my drive-way.  I watched as they drove up the street continuing their quest in delivering phone books to the other homes in the neighborhood.  I don’t know about your area, but here, in this little town of St. George we have a lot of phone books.  I have NO IDEA why we do or what purpose they serve other than competition for each other! april 2010 # 2 001 Who uses phone books?  Then I saw the truck driving backwards down the street, the mother climbs out of the truck and came up to me and picks up the phone book and says, “my sons and I are having a little discrepancy on weather or not you really want this phone book, you see I saw you shake your head but my son didn’t so he left you a book.  I just smiled and said….”well is this a worth while bet?  will someone benefit with dinner out or a $5 bill LOL?  The mother said, “well no, we just wanted to settle this so that I can say I was right….” LOL and I said “well in that case, you are both right, I shook my head because I don’t need another book, I already have several but I was not passing up a book if it is more current, even though I rarely use it….”  She laughed.  Then handed me the book.april 2010 # 2 002

I should have handed it back.  It is a good thing we have a special drawer in the kitchen JUST FOR PHONE BOOKS! and a few other things.


april 2010 # 2 005

What a waste of trees……but then again, it is a source of jobs for people.  I guess a double edge sword you would say.  I use the internet for all my “looking up needs” anymore…how about you?  How many phone books do you have?