Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yes, that word has been a HUGE part of my life, I have anticipated a LOT of stuff! The list is really don't want me to go into today I am just ANTICIPATING Thanksgiving. 8 adults, 5 young adults (over the age of 10) and 5 children (under the age of 5) will be sitting at my dinner table...or on the floor, or on the sofa, or where ever I can find a place for them!

Good friends and family are ANTICIPATED to come together at my beautiful home for "the feast".

I will be cooking and serving (with the help of the other women)

I forgot my camera cord to download pics will just have to ANTICIPATE the pictures to come!

DARN weather! wish it wasn't raining. It never rains in St. George, and I have been here for a whole 5 years for Thanksgiving and it has never rained on that day....but the weatherman forcasted rain today (and it is because my sweet adorable Teddy Bear of a husband WASHED THE WINDOWS in MY HOUSE SPARKLING SPIT SPOT CLEAN). Is that a law? That is always rains if you wash your car or windows? I think it is....(sigh) what am I going to do with my grandchildren while Mike and Camille are off shopping on BLACK FRIDAY? Dang is ALL his fault!


to come

with the best part of all

the dessert!