Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun change….

Well it was time….I decided as I was sitting in the salon chair chatting with my hair dresser that I need a change, nothing real drastic since I have a pretty good bald spot at the nap of my neck, like 4”square LOL, so I left it long enough to cover up the baldness…I don’t know if it will ever grow back..???oh well

there is some weird lumpy hair bump from fluffing going on on the right side picture on top of my head ???LOL

linda feb 24 010

meme 1 007








You may not see the difference but, WOW I don’t sweat as much at night! LOL  4 inches makes a huge difference in the time it takes to get ready for work in the morning….4 inches took 4 years off of my face (well 3 people said it did make me look younger hehehe)….4 inches means I can actually feel a difference and feel “fluffed” and not “flat”.  It was this length last summer so it is really not a big deal…I guess.  But now I can tell….I need to loose some weight, that is where you see it first…right? in the face!

Now…enough of meme’s

On the way home a couple of weeks ago from smooching Kinlee march 2010 misc 2 173 at the pool while the kids (son and wife and other grandchildren) were having family night swimming, this is the I am almost going to cry look….


I came across a sign….I had to slow down because…

April 068


It says, Washington Meadows…”A great place to call home”



April 064


I think these goats thought so too.  I think it was probably their home first until some ole contractor decided to build there…


April 063


They were enjoying some fresh greens from the bushes….

Until some ole lady (ME)  jumped out of her car and hustled them back around the fence where they belonged and wouldn’t get hit by passing cars……

April 066


It was getting dark…and on these country back roads people just go faster than they should…



April 074


Except me of course…  I haven’t seen them out since…maybe someone tattled on them being naughty…or the farmer fixed their escape route!


Did I share my rainbow pics when it rained last week? 

rainbow 001


I pulled over to get this pic to see if I could find the end of the rainbow…it looked as if it was within driving distance :)


rainbow 003

Yep sure enough there it was…my pot of gold, just waiting for me to get out of the car, get soaking wet and muddy and walk into those horrible prickly bushes and mess up my fancy schmancie shoes.. Now why would “they” put the pot of gold over there?  “They” must have known my shoes and work clothes would melt if I got out of the car….

rainbow1 001


so I drove on..and guess what..that dang pot of gold MOVED to some other place over the valley! right over by my house! (on the right)

Then it was gone….just like that…..gone… the time I got home.

march 2010 misc 3 045

OH I didn’t show you, I am into making something new again..besides the hats, I am making this very “HOT” selling headband.  Some clever person made a ton of them up and sold them here in town at a local little shop, everyone seemed to have one except me so I decided to make my own…They sell like “hot cakes”, and I can make them fast!

headbands 1 004


here is the front…


and here is the back, it just buttons..under or over your hair

headbands 1 003


But I like to wear them under your hair or your hair kind of bunches up….



Every color you can imagine and boy can I whip them out…heheheheadbands 1 005 headbands 1 002

There is a beautiful GOLD one that I really love…and the brown goes with everything, but my favorite …



headbands 1 006


Is this cute “camo” one that I think I am going to send to someone special…ERMA….(my niece) she hunts ya know, but always likes to look just right…hehe

Small, Medium, or Large…pick your size, tell me the size of your head and let me know a color, I would love to make you one! or two! or three! It is still snowing SOMEWHERE!

headbands 2

Well looks like I got a couple weeks worth of posts in just one post…I didn’t think I had so much to say!  Gotta love this blog stuff! (sorry the quality of the pics is so awful..I took these pics with my little “cool pix” camera.  Until next time….KEEP SMILIN!

Hugs and smiles across the miles……