Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brooklyn is into the "Little Gym" and enjoys the balance beam, Bob built the girls one last Oct. when we were there, the girls are pretty good on it, fun to see maybe just maybe one of them will take after me! ( I just happen to have taken several state gymnastic medals in high school gymnastics in several competions). Balance beam and floor competion were my forte! Too bad there are no pics to actually prove that I even did anything. I guess mom and dad were not into taking pictures.

Natalie will get me for this one, she HATES her pic taken, I have to BEG my daughter to take her picture, (for posterity of course) this was taken at Easter at Brad's mom's in Maryland. L to R Brad, Natalie, Brooklyn and Madison.

Here are the two sisters. Love this one! And if you are wondering...NO Madison is not wearing lip gloss or any makeup, her lips are naturally red, (like Snow White) cheeks are always kissed by the sun and her eye lashes are LONG and BLACK, could we be so lucky!!!! (sigh)
Brooklyn had her Papa wrapped around her little finger. He doesn't mind though. It usually costs him (because I can't help shopping for the girls) special prizes but in return he gets lot's of kisses and hugs! Oh those Papa's and their girls......Princesses are a special thing ya know!

This is Brookiecookie. Bob and I took the girls to Zions park this summer. There is a sort of petting animal place, you buy a bag of "stuff" to feed the deer, elk, lambs, and Brooklyn is totally into it, she loves animals and it was very difficult to get her get rid of the food, (it stunk) (a very hot day) she just kept saying "OHHHH" and giggling because their tongues tickled her hand. It was a fun day, of course we shopped at the little stores and bought other "stuff".

This is my Brookie-cookie, when I was taking Madi-girls pics at the park she wanted to get in on the act and did some posing herself. I thought this was pretty cute...she is a clone of her mother at the same age (pretty scary). (sigh) I have such BEAUTIFUL grandchildren. Brooklyn (brookiecookie) calls me Mema. She tried saying Oma and it just kept coming out Mema so that stuck. I have 3 different names, that's ok....they are all so special to me!