Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The cost??

3 little rascals sitting in their seats

Sept 09-misc-7 007

watching with excitement, not even saying a peep

One large bucket of popcorn and 2 drinks to share $20

Sept 09-misc-7 002

One bag of sweet cotton candy $10 WHO CARES!?

Spending a Saturday afternoon at

Ringling Bros And Barnum Bailey Circus

Sept 09-misc-7 001


Lollipop’s BD, even though these pics are a week old! The tutu is Camille’s (her mommy’s) creation. She wore it ALL day! IMG_0759IMG_0722

This is a new thing that Lauren is into. Barbies! So her aunt made her a Barbie cake! Cute huh! Turning 3 is a very big deal!

We also were able to watch Owen play in his soccer game. That was a lot of fun. He is a going little machine, short but fast legs! He is actually the only boy on an all girls team, but he doesn’t care. A lot of the girls are his little neighbor friends anyway. It was crazy hair day and he did not want to participate, but that’s ok, this little rascal has crazy “normal” Alfalfa hair anyway! He is more like Spanky. These three “little rascals” love the movie and can recite it word for word…too funny! Owen was very patient and waited his turn to play….

Sept 09-misc-6 003 Sept 09-misc-7 010

Sept 09-misc-6 008

Papa and Lauren also settled in and watched the game although Lauren wanted to just snuggle with Papa.Sept 09-misc-7 012

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have my sister Terrie let Di know how I am doing on Friday…. and she can fill you all in. Much love to all the villagers….one last smiley face, (see if it changes??) LindaluSept 09-misc-8 001 cute hat huh!