Friday, April 22, 2011

only in St. George…

The other day I decided to go over to my favorite place for my lunch hour.  It is a place I can go and sit and just relax and the day was so beautiful…

april2011 052

I went to the convenient store and got my lunch…

april2011b 005  yeah I know, very nutritious.  Well it is better than fattening ice cream!  Every other day they change the flavors, this day it was strawberry and vanilla. (frozen yogurt)





I was minding my own business, enjoying the music on the radio with my windows open, eating my lunch and I had planned on taking a walk afterwards when all of a sudden…..

april2011 010 A dove appeared on the hood of my car….

april2011 021


we started to have a staring  contest…

I rolled up my windows.


april2011 016


This bird didn’t budge




april2011 012


Even when I put my finger on the windshield and tapped….



april2011 026

WHAT!  this bird was not alone….it had a friend and they both decided they were going to just park themselves on the hood of my car…



april2011 025


Then the friend decided that he or she wanted to say something…I didn’t think it was very nice, but I laughed in spite of myself…

april2011 029

then there was one, because the other jumped to the roof of my car…at that point I decided to start up the engine and move to another spot, bird poop is hard to get off of your car…..and I felt like maybe I had offended them because I was laughing….anyway…I started up and moved to the play area…

april2011 047 and then much to my delight I came across a school field trip!

april2011 030

I just pretended that I was a part of the trip…and got my camera out.  There were a lot of people taking pictures so I didn’t look out of place LOL

april2011 035


Park Rangers were there and had probably been teaching the children about park “stuff” and then I saw it….


april2011 032

I have NO IDEA what it was…maybe an antelope, or a deer or something…but the kids were loving it! and so were the adults…I was smiling…


april2011 041

Because the teacher were smiling and the children were smiling and I thought is was funny no one questioned the strange lady taking pictures.  Maybe they thought I was just a grandma or with the local paper or something…that was making me laugh to myself.

april2011 048

The adults waved the children goodbye…and so did the animal with the antlers…LOL



april2011 051

Then….the animal jumped into the parks little park truck and off they went to where ever you go to take your head and fur off…


I decided at that point since my yummy frozen yogurt was eaten and I had my fill of the field trip I would get out and walk over to the river bank.  This is the one that was raging with flood water in January.

april2011 045

The waters were low but still enough of a flow and not a trickle like it normally is.   The river is still flowing…



april2011 043


The flood has left the banks with a lot of sand

like the beach….


april2011 046 YES LIKE A BEACH….this made my day….a family decided it was warm enough to pitch an umbrella and let there kiddies play in the water.

april2011 042

We live in the desert.  A community well known for it’s beautiful green golf courses and there are MANY of them…..


Only in St. George can you go to the beach on a sunny day, and have it all to yourself…and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful red rocks and green grass.  It might catch long as the river is flowing…I just couldn’t help but smile. 

Hope you all have a weekend that makes you smile.  I didn’t have to go far and I wasn’t even looking for anything to take pictures of.

I guess that is just the beauty of it. Right?