Friday, November 21, 2008

Perfect Shot "He's the Man!"

If I didn't know any better, I would think....hmmm...ya this hurts?

On Monday, just 4 days ago, my sweet adorable hubby was doing what he loves to do and that is a little carpentry work....expect he some how, and I will never understand the "real how" he shot his right leg with a nail gun. YEAH, he did! and sat in the emergency room of the hospital, (drove himself there because he could) and his levi's were nailed to his leg. After 4 hours of waiting for the orthepedic surgeon to see him in-between surgeries, the doc was able to remove the nail from his bone. Yep you got it . . . with none other than some carpentry looking tools.

Bob thought this looked pretty cool. Straight through the bone just below his knee.

Good job Bob!
The doc loaded him up with some strong antibiotics, a shot, (there was a little oozing of bone marrow after the removal of the nail) and a nice applause from the emergency room staff. Some pain meds (which he barely used) and . . . a little flush in his cheeks probably!

Guess he was running out of stories to tell his grandkids!

My sweet hu-honey!