Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am so lucky!

this month I am going to talk about LUCK...and to start off...I don't have any Irish in me, or at least I don't think I do...I will have to ask brother Hans if our heritage goes anywhere around Ireland...but I do know that Bob does... his great grandparents were from Ireland...O'Higgins and the "O" was dropped after a couple of generation in, after 38 years of being married to an Irish decendant...I think I have the liberty of saying I am part Irish! lololol, I am not to hard to please and I can get a little overwhelmed at times when I have tooo many choices so...this cute background was my first choice after only looking at 3 green backgrounds...I might get daring and do a couple of different ones throughout the LUCKY MONTH...I do have 2, YES 2 grandsons, born on the exact day of the month only hours apart...Ryan and Kyler Higgins on March I will be doing a little St. Patrick tribute to my adorable green babies! but first....
Koltyn is getting into everything...he is as big as a laundry basket nowclimbing up stairs and keeping his parents on their guard
getting into drawers and "stuff" but most of all . . .playing peek-a-boo, and being adorable. Kyler sorta plays with much as a big brother can
but Kolytn's job is to just be adorable
Full tank of gas to Erda...$27.51...Shopping with Camille and Lauren, visiting my sister Terrie and Valerie on Saturday (cost Camille ... $100 plus)... just hanging out with papa after a busy day,PRICELESS...
the triple trouble crew had a birthday party they attended on Friday was a theme party...dress up as your favorite hero's and the girls were asked to come as a princess...well that wasn't hard for Lauren she is princess every day, Owen decided that he was Super Man and showed me how he could fly, Ryan went as Buzz Light Year, and showed me how he could fly.

has anyone ever wondered how to get kids to eat cereal that is good for them? Well if you are a cowboy like Owen is, it isn't hard at all. He loves cows (they wander grandpas field behind their house)Owen knows that hay is good for cows, cows LOVE hay, and Papa eats special bales of hay for breakfast. . . so now Owen does! mini bales of hay that is, coated with special sugar of course! lol

The weather in beautiful southern Utah is in the upper 60's. I love that Spring is just around the watch out for my "Spring" flash!